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clamant / вопиющий, шумливый, настоятельный
имя прилагательное
crying, flagrant, blatant, egregious, glaring, clamant
noisy, boisterous, riotous, loud, romping, clamant
urgent, imperative, insistent, pressing, instant, clamant
имя прилагательное
forcing itself urgently on the attention.
the proper use of biotechnology has become a clamant question
there is more than one meaning for ‘gjöll’ - one of these meanings can be directly translated: noisy, clamant , thunderous and raging.
Instead, from day one, they should have shouted from the rooftops the clamant need for the most radical reform.
You've been doing more for the system than the clamant renegades or blatant sell-outs you despise.
Is there not a clamant need today to rally to the cause of The Queen in Parliament, against constitutional and Europhile tinkering?
Even the most clamant exponents of the century's avant-gardes, those whose work was seen by others or even by themselves as ‘anti-art,’ have succeeded in expanding the resources of art by opening up the range of its materials and its techniques.
Here the exotic accents are presented but they emerge and play chase with a whole palette of cut-glass avant-garde paraphernalia - both clamantly violent and dreamily disengaged.
Do not these terrible figures plead eloquently and clamantly for a revision and reform of our existing hospital system?
To this day - or at any rate until two or three years ago - Germans were clamantly ‘European’: ‘a European Germany, not a German Europe’, as Chancellor Kohl, quoting Thomas Mann, used to say.
The old cry of ‘injustice to the Arabs’ has, of course, been raised, not only by the Arabs themselves but even more clamantly by the European ‘pro-Arabs’, whether workers in the refugee camps or not.
They are well sung and the orchestral role is given the attention its attractions clamantly demand.