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claimant / истец, претендент, предъявляющий права
имя существительное
plaintiff, claimant, complainant, petitioner, suitor, demandant
applicant, challenger, contender, pretender, claimant, aspirant
предъявляющий права
имя существительное
a person making a claim, especially in a lawsuit or for a government-sponsored benefit.
The claimants and the defendants produced differing translations of the clause.
There was in fact no evidence of malicious attack by any third party, let alone the claimant .
The claimant 's complaint is that what he is permitted by the hospital does not go far enough.
I must do the best I can to be fair to both the claimant and the defendant on the evidence that is before me.
The judge rejected all three complaints, and the claimant then appealed to this court.
The defendant does not contend that the claimant elected to affirm the contract.
It is accepted by the claimant that the defendant has a right of way for residential purposes.
It was as if the claimant 's complaint had been without any merit at all, as if it had been contrived.
The second condition is that the agreement causes damage to the particular claimant .
The Court of Appeal reversed the trial judge and gave judgment for the claimant .
Nor have I forgotten that little if any disclosure was made by the claimants on this topic.