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clack / трещать, кудахтать, щелкать
crack, splutter, crackle, rattle, chatter, clack
cluck, cackle, chuckle, clack, chuck, keckle
click, flip, snap, crack, clack, fillip
имя существительное
crack, crash, crackling, crackle, rattle, clack
beanbag, rattle, maraca, clack
valve, flap, vent, gate, piston, clack
имя существительное
a sharp sound or series of sounds.
the clack of her high heels
make or cause to make a sharp sound or series of such sounds as a result of a hard object striking another.
he heard the sound of her heels clacking across flagstones
They mark our passing with a reproachful squawk and a clack of their fishy bills.
Sally heard a sharp clack as the dragon's jaws unhinged, and a blast of foul breath washed over them.
her clack would go all day
And with a click and a clack , the chain was locked on both of his feet in mere seconds.
the clack of her high heels
The fierce clack of tiles on table announces that a mah-jong game is under way in the village of Willow Grove.
After that you might as well drink to the peacefulness too, uninterrupted but for the clack of a distant tractor.
From downstairs, I heard the clack of the front door.
He closed the oaken door behind them gently, trying to muffle the resounding clack as the lock caught in the latch with a hand.
Eventually he heard the soft clack of footsteps.