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civilization / цивилизация, культура, цивилизованный мир
имя существительное
crop, education, civilization, cultivation, growth
цивилизованный мир
имя существительное
the stage of human social development and organization that is considered most advanced.
they equated the railroad with progress and civilization
the great books of Western civilization
Despite her luck finding the logging road, it took Sara several hours to reach signs of civilization .
She begged him mentally to stay alright at least until they reached civilization .
Their overwhelming urge is to recover what they consider to be their rightful position in the history of human civilization .
He stated that the level of a people's civilization depended upon their environment instead of their ethnicity.
Australia's Indigenous Peoples are the world's oldest continuous civilization : 60,000 years.
And it cherished a lot of the values that built our civilization as we know it now.
I think western civilization is built on three fundamental and interlocking principles that form the Western world view.
Freedom of press is a measure of the development of civilization .
Jay looked around; they were very far out of town and civilization .