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civility / вежливость, любезность, корректность
имя существительное
courtesy, politeness, civility, comity, urbanity, decency
amiability, favor, kindness, civility, compliment, grace
correctness, civility, ethic
имя существительное
formal politeness and courtesy in behavior or speech.
I hope we can treat each other with civility and respect
The treatment of the police by the marchers was equally one-sided in favor of civility and politeness.
An egregious example of non-compromise and lack of civility took place last July.
To reject these teachings is to reject our manners and civility .
The real test of a person's civility is the way they treat those who have less power and status than they do.
He calls for these students to exercise the kind of civility he recalls on campus in 1968.
A deeper form of civility asks us to make an effort to treat other people with respect.
We legislate them for ourselves, and also for others, when we demand respect or civility or forbearance from them.
So tolerance, civility and open discussion are useful places to start.
Her talk before the Pennsylvania delegation was, in part, a plea for a return to civility .
Yet in the end, I could not muster the courage to shatter the atmosphere of respectful civility .