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civics / основы гражданственности, гражданское право, гражданские дела
имя существительное
основы гражданственности
гражданское право
civil law, civics, jus civile, private law
гражданские дела
имя существительное
the study of the rights and duties of citizenship.
But that can't be true, because they've given $35 million ‘for values, civics and citizenship education in our schools’.
Emphasis is on civics and citizenship elements, although the kit also supports activities in science, art and English.
That's why I'm going to ask you to look at commerce, communications, civics , and community as if they are all part of the same system - an ecology, really, of interdependent activities and needs.
We were taught the symbolism of the orb and sceptre, a simultaneous lesson in civics and history.
History, mathematics, literature and civics are defensible as tools of the productive work force.
Rather, the point is simply to suggest that current curricular offerings in the area of civics and politics are not well-suited to broaden and deepen the significance students attach to citizenship and political engagement.
A keen interest in politics, civics , and social affairs kept her mind active until the end of her life.
This is not good journalism, good civics or a good use of time.
In classrooms students do courses in theory, English, maths, civics and religion.
Putting aside the questions of whether English, history, and civics are important requirements for a new U.S. citizen to have, the announced goals for the new test sound reasonable.
The most egregious propaganda was in history and civics books.