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city / город, большой город, старинный город
имя существительное
city, town, place, borough, burg
большой город
старинный город
имя прилагательное
urban, city, town, municipal, townish, towny
municipal, city
имя существительное
a large town.
the city center
a place or situation characterized by a specified attribute.
panic city
the financial and commercial district of London, England.
Whenever a house in W11 comes up for sale, it is paid for by millions made on Wall Street or in the City .
It is great to be able to follow all the events in your beautiful city as they occur.
His favourite is to take the city slickers out to see the Northern Lights.
Anyway this girl on Saturday was on her way to hot date city .
So can we have some sensible ideas for developing our city centre and outlying towns.
panic city
Nonetheless, I'm happy to leave the city of my birth at arms length for now.
A torrent of people rushed from their office buildings throughout the capital, eager to leave a city under siege.
he's a city official
Stymied, city councilors considered other options including burning, shipping elsewhere and composting.
on the city streets