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citron / цитрон, лимонный цвет, сладкий лимон
имя существительное
лимонный цвет
lemon, citron, citron color
сладкий лимон
имя существительное
a shrubby Asian tree that bears large fruits similar to lemons, but with flesh that is less acid and peels that are thicker and more fragrant.
Chop the citron and nuts, if you did not buy them pre-chopped.
The citron was the first citrus fruit to reach Europe, which is why the whole group of fruits is called after one of its less important members.
Its ultra-fresh, delicate fragrance draws on cardamom, citron , geranium and coriander.
Cardamom seeds and candied citron may be difficult to find; try the local health food store.
The citron , like the lemon and lime, is native to NE India, where it was used from early times as a perfume and in medicine.
Fruitcake orange peel is strong and slightly sweet in the nose, as is candied lemon peel and citron .
Ignoring citron tart and chocolate orange cake, sticky toffee pudding would be just fine but there was none left.
Another treat were these thick slices of candied citron dipped in pure dark chocolate.
It is said that a sailor secretly brought citrons from China hidden inside his wide sleeves on his voyage to Namhae a thousand years ago.
Most other citrus fruits, such as lemons, limes, citrons , naturally sweet oranges and tangerines are considered safe.