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citified / пообтесавшийся, свойственный городскому жителю
имя прилагательное
citified, cityfied
свойственный городскому жителю
citified, cityfied
имя прилагательное
characteristic of or adjusted to an urban environment.
black-hatted, citified cowboys
At the very least, I expected them to resent the sudden intrusion and competition that my class of thirty-five citified adults represented.
Later on, in a moment meant to chide us for the persistence of our citified tunnel vision, he tells us that he has been observing us unseen from a perch on top of the tool shed.
With a deft flick of the reins, the policeman wheeled his mount and together they stood their ground, motionless, man and horse looking down at that ill mannered citified pup.
There's something almost magical about this weird citified wilderness.
If they see you, they will run and hide, terrified by your citified ways and upright posture.
Yeah, but now yer all citified and sophistimacated and know better than to mess with them hick pistols.
But the funny thing is, these citified casualties just won't stay dead.
The cafés seem more citified than those in Paris, those nearest the Cathedral charging prices that one would find in the capital.
His Edge Cities are creatures of the metropolitan periphery or of citified rural landscapes accessible to major metropolitan areas.
It seems that you somehow remained fresh and unspoiled beneath that false citified exterior.