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cite / ссылаться, цитировать, сослаться
refer, cite, allude, plead, quote, mention
quote, cite
refer, cite
quote (a passage, book, or author) as evidence for or justification of an argument or statement, especially in a scholarly work.
In scholarly literature, the number of times a journal article or a book is cited by other authors is regarded as an indicator of the relative influence or importance of the item.
summon (someone) to appear in a court of law.
the summons cited four of the defendants
имя существительное
a citation.
He just checked the cites and published the opinions unchanged.
Some reports also cite incidents of physical abuse.
To answer that question, I want to cite a passage from the election statement of our party.
In so doing, I shall cite many passages from his books in English translation.
Clinicians who recommend books to their clients cite evidence that such readings are effective adjuncts to therapy in many areas.
The authors cite this finding as evidence that inflammation may play a role in the development of hypertension.
The exclusivity agreement, he said, simply requires ‘that anybody quoting any of the material needs to cite my book.’
he does not cite any source for this assertion
Of course, he had actually read the book five times over and could probably cite its passages from memory if he was asked.
They cite approvingly the proliferation of anti-corporate lawsuits and pressure campaigns by community groups and trade unions.
Although he does not cite this particular passage, the author fills his book with similar examples for his scintillating exegesis.