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citation / цитата, цитирование, ссылка
имя существительное
quote, quotation, citation, excerption
citation, quotation
link, reference, exile, ref, citation, allusion
имя существительное
a quotation from or reference to a book, paper, or author, especially in a scholarly work.
there were dozens of citations from the works of Byron
a summons.
a traffic citation
The full citation of the award is printed following this list of prizes.
a traffic citation
They have tracked down each passage that Robbins quotes in the lectures and provide the full bibliographic citation for it.
In any event, the citation of authority is unlikely to be helpful.
The award that carries a citation recognises his ‘professional excellence and contribution to the field of medicine and surgery especially laparoscopic surgery’.
Here's what the magazine reproduces from his award citation .
The citation says that the report ‘brought the plight of oceans into people's living rooms.’
They are building popular support for peace on both sides of the border, the citation noted.
The official citation , which I will read in a few minutes, lists many of Ray's professional accomplishments.
A citation requires a court appearance with the punishment and fine being determined by the judge upon conviction.