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cistern / цистерна, водоем, резервуар
имя существительное
tank, cistern, tanker, tank car, vat, oil car
water, pond, reservoir, basin, cistern, tank
tank, reservoir, vessel, container, basin, cistern
имя существительное
a tank for storing water, especially one supplying taps or as part of a flushing toilet.
It is a water-saving device you fit in your toilet cistern so that less water is used for flushing.
But the resident must hand pump the water from the cistern to the barrel in advance.
Rain flowing from the roof is collected in an underground cistern and reused.
When you flush the toilet, the cistern refills by pumping the water through the tap on top of the toilet, so you can wash your hands as it refills.
Behind was a court, which provided light, and a place for a water cistern supplying a communal tap.
The Court of Appeal held that although the escape of water was a consequence of the maintenance of the cistern and water supply by the landlord, it was not a breach of the covenant for quiet enjoyment.
We have recently installed push button taps to stop dripping and wastage, and now they are looking at introducing water hogs for the toilet cistern to save on water.
One compromise is to build a unit around the toilet to hide the cistern and plumbing from view but this ‘back to the wall’ unit will take up some potentially valuable space.
Size the cistern to provide enough water storage for reasonably expected dry periods.
When the bucket is full, I empty it into the toilet cistern .
Here the buildings are more substantial, and were supplied by a large water cistern .