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cirrus / усик, хохолок, перистое облако
имя существительное
tendril, barbel, cirrus, antenna, feeler, tentacle
tuft, crest, pappus, topknot, cop, cirrus
перистое облако
имя существительное
cloud forming wispy filamentous tufted streaks (“mare's tails”) at high altitude, usually 16,500–45,000 feet (5–13 km).
The basic cloud forms are cumulus, which are heaped clouds; stratus, which are layer clouds; and cirrus , which are wispy.
a slender tendril or hairlike filament, such as the appendage of a barnacle, the barbel of a fish, or the intromittent organ of an earthworm.
Once the barnacles extended their cirri (fanlike, food-gathering appendages) and started waving them about to collect nutritious particles in the water, the researchers cast a shadow over them with a piece of cardboard.
And from that perspective, you're looking at the very high cirrus clouds over the top of the storm.
Over a distant horizon line, cirrus clouds fill the summer sky.
There have been few days without the presence of cirrus clouds.
cirrus clouds
Haloes can sometimes be a sign that rain is approaching, as cirrus clouds can mean that a frontal system is on its way.
I lay on the bed and watched cirrus clouds drift slowly across the sky.
A few cirrus clouds floated by, turning dark and blue around the edges.
The purpose of the mission was to study cirrus clouds, to improve forecasts of future climate change.
High, tropical cirrus clouds are made up of tiny ice crystals that float at altitudes from 20,000 feet to 60,000 feet.
There were some high cirrus clouds earlier and it looks like they're coming back, but, for the most part, it's just been beautiful.