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circumvent / обойти, перехитрить, обманывать
circumvent, get round, outflank, come round, distance, come over
outwit, outsmart, euchre, outmaneuver, circumvent, outfox
deceive, cheat, kid, fool, spoof, circumvent
find a way around (an obstacle).
However, those inventive motorcyclists have managed to circumvent the obstacle.
Faced with these challenges from the state, non-state dissident actors must either adjust to the constraints put on Internet use or must seek ways to circumvent the barriers erected by states.
Some bright spark probably thought that this would be a nice easy way to circumvent the usual obstacles in preventing freedom of speech.
Clever strategists that we were, we decided to circumvent this problem or objection by presenting a symposium rather than submitting independent papers.
A common assumption made in the regulatory community to circumvent this problem is that one error offsets the other.
To circumvent a possible problem of low data number, we pooled the observed and expected values for the three transposon families.
So a lot of people were extremely happy when it was proven that it was possible to circumvent that barrier.
Heavily pregnant women have been forced to walk for miles to circumvent road blocks so as to receive treatment and deliver their babies.
However, those inventive motorcyclists have managed to circumvent the obstacle.
it was always possible to circumvent the regulations
And in the past, counterfeiters have always managed to circumvent these obstacles.