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circumstantial / обстоятельный, косвенный, случайный
имя прилагательное
detailed, circumstantial, comprehensive, particular, full-dress
indirect, circumstantial, oblique, collateral, objective, vicarious
random, casual, accidental, chance, occasional, circumstantial
detailed, detail, thorough, particular, itemized, circumstantial
имя существительное
detail, part, piece, component, member, circumstantial
detail, circumstance, particular, particularity, specialty, circumstantial
привходящий момент
circumstantial, circumstantials
имя прилагательное
(of evidence or a legal case) pointing indirectly toward someone's guilt but not conclusively proving it.
Intent can, of course, always be proved through circumstantial evidence.
(of a description) containing full details.
the picture was circumstantial and therefore convincing
There was a substantial body of circumstantial evidence implicating the accused in addition to the informer's evidence.
He submitted that that evidence provided a powerful circumstantial case of murder.
Some States will attend sessions to defend against any circumstantial or uncorroborated evidence on their human rights situation.
No, it's not just a coincidence, it is circumstantial evidence of his guilt.
He includes much by way of circumstantial detail without allowing his central narrative to become shapeless.
There is very strong evidence of motive in a circumstantial case.
The circumstantial evidence all pointed towards cold as the precursor to death, but despite this the official inquiry gave drowning as the cause of death in every case.
The prosecution case was left to the jury as a circumstantial case.
The forensic and circumstantial evidence as to the drink she had taken may be found at paragraphs 9 and 10.
Nobody sees what happens, but there is other circumstantial evidence implicating him.