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circumstance / обстоятельство, случай, деталь
имя существительное
circumstance, fact, thing, case, development, occasion
happening, case, occasion, event, incident, circumstance
detail, part, piece, component, member, circumstance
имя существительное
a fact or condition connected with or relevant to an event or action.
we wanted to marry but circumstances didn't permit
one's state of financial or material welfare.
the artists are living in reduced circumstances
We will need to take speed and circumstance into consideration if these plans are to work sensibly.
But they are thrown together by circumstance , of the imperative to experience every moment as if it were their last, which it might well be.
they were thrown together by circumstance
pomp and circumstance
they were thrown together by circumstance
No one bothered to investigate the true circumstances of her death.
Police say there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding the fire.
But, since there are no outlined commitments to stay with each other, what if unforeseen circumstances arise?
Staying would give me the opportunity to see how to make change happen in difficult circumstances .
She landed safely in his, but that had not changed the dire circumstances of the moment.