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circumnavigate / плавать вокруг
плавать вокруг
sail all the way around (something, especially the world).
In 1519 Magellan set sail from here to circumnavigate the globe.
The Pharaoh sent his ships out to try and circumnavigate the world.
Although some bands and artists have managed to circumnavigate the system and become successful, we have never really seen this phenomenon since the mid-Seventies.
We don't allow dogs but it is not unusual for customers to think that by carrying the creature, they somehow circumnavigate the rules.
he helped her to circumnavigate a frozen puddle
he undertook to circumnavigate the globe in 80 days or less
He is setting sail again to circumnavigate the globe, with all the obvious risks and dangers that entails.
The path initially heads south west, but it immediately swings back round to neatly circumnavigate a boggy section.
Ellen MacArthur's bid to circumnavigate the globe in record time received a cruel setback when her mast was damaged.
As Twaddell digs into his briefcase to fish out some facts and figures about the business, he has to circumnavigate a couple of cereal boxes that he is about to show to clients.
In 1519 Magellan set sail from here to circumnavigate the globe.