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circumlocution / иносказание, околичности, парафраз
имя существительное
allegory, parable, circumlocution, circumbendibus
circumlocution, circumbendibus, ambages
paraphrase, circumlocution, circumbendibus
имя существительное
the use of many words where fewer would do, especially in a deliberate attempt to be vague or evasive.
his admission came after years of circumlocution
The replies I got were pure circumlocution and double talk, nowadays referred to as spin.
O'Neill, despite his apparent affability and a tendency to circumlocution , is a tough little nut.
Alas, for every valuable insight which emerges, we find a greater proportion of heady rhetoric and circumlocution .
Despite the circumlocution used, the parties all appeared to understand one another.
Americans, in particular the US military-industrial complex, are masters of jargon and circumlocution , but they can't be blamed for everything.
In order to refer to that activity, it is necessary to engage in circumlocution or periphrasis.
Pidgins may compensate for lack of vocabulary through circumlocution .
There was a good deal of rhetoric, circumlocution and imprecision in language.
He is witty, he puns, and sometimes he employs the polysyllabic circumlocution of the nineteenth-century humorists.
A certain kind of Briton prefers circumlocution and euphemism for even everyday speech: ‘I wonder if I could trouble you for a glass of water?’