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circumcise / совершать обрезание, очищать духовно, совершать круговое сечение
совершать обрезание
очищать духовно
совершать круговое сечение
cut off the foreskin of (a young boy or man, especially a baby) as a religious rite, especially in Judaism and Islam, or as a medical treatment.
Shemot Rabbah tells us that the Jews ceased circumcising their sons to blend in better with their Egyptian hosts.
(as a practice traditional in some cultures) partially or totally remove the external genitalia of (a girl or young woman) for nonmedical reasons.
The Shija female initiation ceremony was performed after the young women were circumcised .
The author of Jubilees attacks those who failed to circumcise their sons, clearly implying that some did not.
My husband and I are both Jewish, not practicing in the traditional sense, and we are debating whether to circumcise our son, soon to be born.
Particular ethnic groups circumcise their women during pregnancy, when they are in labour or when they have given birth to their first child.
His grandmother was upset that his parents did not want to circumcise him.
When a band of women come to the village, equipped with vicious little knives to circumcise girls as young as 11, Colle won't allow it.
My wife Devorah and I were resolute about our decision not to circumcise our son.
God had directed Abraham to circumcise newborn males specifically on the eighth day.
At first my husband and I were in agreement that we wouldn't circumcise him.
In some parts of the world Sunni Muslims also circumcise for religious reasons.
As a mother, over time I have come to regret that my son was circumcised .