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circumambient / окружающий, омывающий
имя прилагательное
ambient, encircling, circling, circumjacent, environing, circumambient
имя прилагательное
he could not see them clearly by reason of the circumambient water
The narrative specifically dates the heroine's illness (and thus all the circumambient events) as 1829.
He skilfully evokes the battles through circumambient sound.
It was autonomous: unnatural rules govern it that did not exist in the circumambient world.
Some 30 by 20 km in area, the Causse Méjean is like an island, sharply defined by circumambient canyons.
It's a voice that does something physical to me, that jumps out of the circumambient air.
The positiveness of the colors becomes resolved in the circumambience of light.
Around this hall the path of circumambience is also built.
In the midst of all the dismal circumambience we still can have hope and can afford to smile.
Awareness of the proximity of the shifting tide-line and the littoral circumambience had much to do with it.
With the circumambience of vast grassland, the heavenly lake is also a fairyland for yaks, sheep, horses, and other wild animals wandering around.