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circulation / циркуляция, кровообращение, тираж
имя существительное
circulation, circuit, gyration
circulation, circulation of the blood
circulation, edition, draw, run, printing, impression
имя существительное
movement to and fro or around something, especially that of fluid in a closed system.
an extra pump for good water circulation
the public availability or knowledge of something.
his music has achieved wide circulation
That's how they got the counterfeit money into circulation .
To allow water circulation between the compartments, nine holes had been made in the partition.
his music has achieved wide circulation
Through this process, ocean circulation acts like a heat pump and determines our climate to a great extent.
Ullah was a paper published in a journal, which does not appear to have had a very wide circulation , called Preparative Biochemistry.
As the parasites accumulate in the blood vessels, they can restrict circulation and cause fluid to build up in surrounding tissues.
His theories had wide circulation in India and Russia, and he was welcomed personally by Nehru and other leaders in India.
A fluid flow model involving deep circulation of mineralizing fluids beneath the Carboniferous basins was suggested.
The Arizona Republic and the East Valley Tribune were selected due to their wide circulation in the Phoenix Metro-East Valley area.
Air circulation and water will keep the microorganisms healthy and working.