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circular / циркуляр, проспект, реклама
имя существительное
circular, circular letter, encyclical letter
prospectus, avenue, boulevard, circular, catalog, catalogue
advertising, advertisement, ad, commercial, publicity, circular
имя прилагательное
circular, round, perimeter, orbicular, gyrate, all-round
round, circular, rotund, cool, orbicular, moony
annular, circular, orbicular
имя прилагательное
having the form of a circle.
the building features a circular atrium
(of an argument) already containing an assumption of what is to be proved, and therefore fallacious.
This is a classic circular argument, in which the conclusion is already present in the premise.
(of a letter or advertisement) for distribution to a large number of people.
He sent a circular letter to numerous legal practices in Scotland, asking various questions about the firms' knowledge of him.
имя существительное
a letter or advertisement that is distributed to a large number of people.
Anyone who knows me well will know how much I loathe email circulars and chain letters.
The company prints one advertising circular a year.
Other workers got phone calls from colleagues or discovered a circular letter informing them of the closedown.
Such a circular argument, which relies on its own suppositions as proof, can be used to justify anything.
The Mambalam police station sent a circular to all Internet cafes in the area with a few directions as to usage.
We sent a circular to the shopowners asking them not to park their cars on Brigade Road.
I took me just short of six hours to complete the circular route back into Middlesmoor.
This is the same facilities team who refused to send a circular email when my car was dented in the office car park!
Surrounding the circle will be a circular grass mound, carpeted in bluebells.
Rules for adoption had been set out in a circular letter which was received by the applicants.
Bottle labels, stationery, pump clips and exterior hotel signage feature a new circular design.