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circuitry / схема
circuit, chain
  • electronic circuitry - электронная схема
имя существительное
electric circuits collectively.
solid state circuitry
Makers can use fewer chips and thus have a compact sensor with smaller, cheaper integrated circuitry .
The addressing circuitry has been changed to allow a full address to be sent to the memory.
The test circuitry is operable to store or generate a test data pattern.
This small metal container houses a battery and the electrical circuitry that regulates the rate of electrical pulses sent to your heart.
The two less obvious technologies that make this all work are the transformer and the balance circuitry .
The company developed dedicated circuitry that supports fast playback of the images with only a graphics card.
The coherent light beams could lead to ultrafast computer circuitry that transmits data optically.
Tunable lasers are fabricated using complex methods and require sophisticated and integrated control circuitry .
Intelligence is quick feedback that miniature circuitry enables.
An artificial pacemaker contains a battery and circuitry which produces electrical pulses of short duration capable of stimulating the heart.