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circa / около, приблизительно
about, around, near, at, beside, circa
around, circa, in the vicinity of, round
about, approximately, some, roughly, nearly, circa
(often preceding a date) approximately.
built circa 1935
Like a lot of boys born in Ireland circa 1979 and 1980, my brother too bears a name that betrays his vintage.
We recently bought a new house that had a couple of large ceiling fans from circa 1980.
Jakober's narrator, Paul, is a repressed Christian monk circa the First Crusade.
This was circa 1977 and ‘new age traveller’ was not part of the common vocabulary of the time.
Mountmellick courthouse was build circa 1840 and served the town for close on a century and a half.
This was a bag you'd take when setting off for London on a steamship circa 1955.
You would be forgiven for thinking that you were in New England circa 1880.
The earliest use of the term was recorded in Texas circa 1850.
He discovered a settlement dating back to the early bronze age, circa 2000BC, in Warburton.
the church was built circa 1860