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cipher / шифр, нуль, ноль
имя существительное
cipher, cypher, call number, pressmark
zero, null, nil, naught, cipher, o
zero, nil, nothing, cipher, ought, cypher
encrypt, cipher, encode, codify, code, cypher
encipher, cipher, cypher, paraphrase
calculate, compute, figure out, determine, reckon, cipher
имя существительное
a secret or disguised way of writing; a code.
he was writing cryptic notes in a cipher
a zero; a figure 0.
From nine years observations, at Cincinnati, it appears that the thermometer falls below cypher twice every winter.
a monogram.
Her Majesty's wishes were that it should be replaced with a Colour bearing the cypher of the Sovereign of the day.
a continuous sounding of an organ pipe, caused by a mechanical defect.
put (a message) into secret writing; encode.
With a black calligraphy pen, each word had been carefully ciphered in a Gothic style.
do arithmetic.
Many people in the community were illiterate, having little need for education beyond simple ciphering , and how to sign one's name.
The second cipher , which used several different symbols for each English letter in the text, was much more difficult.
An equivalent way of writing the same cipher is shown in the diagram.
The first cipher broken was Serpent: the cipher universally considered to be the safest, most conservative choice.
Astrid throughout remains a mere cipher , a beautiful woman with a crooked smile whom the narrator met while he was a student.
Jim is an expert at classical cryptography and has written a program that is quite good at cracking Enigma cipher .
A Second World War code cipher book won't help!
Julius Caesar used a substitution cipher , now known as the Caesar Shift Cipher, where messages were encoded by replacing each letter in the alphabet with the letter three places along.
It became a vital tool for the Nazis during World War II who used it to cipher and decipher secret messages.
The enciphering and deciphering of messages in secret code or cipher is called cryptology.
Among the drawings are masterpieces by Rex Whistler, whom the Queen Mother also commissioned to design a new royal cipher .