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cinnabar / киноварь
имя существительное
cinnabar, vermilion, vermeil
имя существительное
a bright red mineral consisting of mercury sulfide. It is the only important ore of mercury and is sometimes used as a pigment.
Allergy to tattoo pigment is rare, but reaction to cinnabar , the red pigment, is the most common.
It is still possible to buy smears of cinnabar in the town of Huancavelica, located at 1,000 meters below the mine.
Cayenne pepper, which easily loses its red colour, was tinted with cinnabar , an extremely poisonous mercury compound.
Mercury is a persistent heavy metal, processed into a liquid from mined cinnabar .
The white plaster dust had been washed out of his hair and now his rich cinnabar mane shone.
Some of the oldest focus not on gold but on cinnabar , the red mineral mercury sulphide.
The Greek philosopher Theophrastus described a method for preparing mercury by rubbing cinnabar with vinegar in a clay dish.
Instead of using traditional Japanese mineral pigments such as azurite, lapis, malachite and cinnabar mixed with gelatin, he employed his familiar oil paints and European gilding methods.
Striking jewellery from these Toronto designers includes materials like black jade, amber and cinnabar .
The Taoist quest for longevity, begun in earlier times, persisted with research and experimentation in the consumption of cinnabar .
The yellow is paired with a brilliant, beautiful cinnabar red.