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cinema / кино, кинотеатр, кинематограф
имя существительное
movies, movie, cinema, film, screen, flicks
cinema, theater, movie house, picture theater, picture show, picture palace
cinema, cinematograph
имя существительное
a movie theater.
The films were screened in cinemas across the city and at community meetings.
The film also boasts one of the most unexpected plot devices in the history of cinema , which truly has to be seen to be believed.
This is much more than a simple critical or social analysis of the history of cinema .
For fans of Japanese cinema , in particular, this film has been big news for some time now.
The music is so overpowering at times that the film seems more like a pop video than a piece of cinema .
I worked with every single legend in the history of Indian cinema that was alive at that time.
It is, in the main, well worth seeing for any fan of historical cinema .
I was weaned on a diet of Hollywood fantasy at my local cinema
It takes a very special film to get British audiences excited about British cinema .
It is the first film to bring Chinese cinema to Western audiences on a large scale.
the history of American cinema