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cine / кино
имя существительное
movies, movie, cinema, film, screen, cine
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
a cine camera
Many more people own cine cameras of some kind these days and we are trying to persuade them to include sound with their films.
The video statement looked like it had been filmed on a cine camera.
Hubner put on cine variety shows, interspersing traditional variety with very early cinema films.
His family was able to encourage Schlesinger's interest in theatre and film, giving him his first cine camera when he was 11.
For the film buffs and budding cine artistes, the book could be of much use.
People in Bolton are being urged to dig out their old photos and cine film.
In those early years, the business was mainly involved in hiring and selling 16 mm cine films.
At fifteen, Mark developed an interest in cine film, so to pursue his new hobby, took a part-time job in a camera shop.
A cine club offering both documentary films and box office movies will also be added to the south building.
The following week's film shows the life of a Birmingham family who ran a photographic studio and acquired a cine camera.