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cinch / подпруга, влияние, нечто надежное
имя существительное
girth, cinch, bellyband, surcingle, saddle-girth
influence, impact, effect, power, sway, cinch
нечто надежное
cinch, anchorage, rock
подтягивать подпругу
girth, cinch, girth up, cinch up
press, push, depress, screw, cinch
provide, ensure, procure, insure, assure, cinch
имя существительное
an extremely easy task.
the program was a cinch to use
a girth for a Western saddle or pack.
Tack is not defined, but presumably means saddle and bridle and normal accessories, such as girths, cinches and saddle pads.
secure (a garment) with a belt.
But any sensible reptile at Cable Beach wouldn't dare mess with David when they see the crocodile skin belt cinching his trousers!
make certain of.
his advice cinched her decision to accept the offer
the program was a cinch to use
Al Hirschfeld had not only made it to 99, he seemed a cinch to hit 100.
This is not the most sophisticated-looking dish but it's a cinch to prepare and tastes terrific.
He was a cinch to cast as the wicked wizard Jafar in Aladdin.
At the time, Hull had racked up 27 goals and he seemed a cinch to break his own record of 50 goals set in 1962.
What we learned at the time from some of the world's leading security experts was that breaking into even the most sensitive sites on the Internet was a cinch .
As Bayard reminded me, it was a cinch to find it on the internet.
It was a cinch getting insurance for me because I was 30, even though I had never driven unaccompanied.
Just treat me nice, Omnus, and you'll be a cinch to win that position.
Sometimes I would throw a stirrup over a saddle to tighten the cinch .