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cigarette / сигарета, папироса
имя существительное
cigarette, smoke, fag, ciggy, butt, snout
cigarette, smoke, ciggy
имя существительное
a thin cylinder of finely cut tobacco rolled in paper for smoking.
There is a perception that light smoking or smoking low tar cigarettes is not dangerous.
he was smoking a cigarette
cigarette butt
the place was thick with cigarette smoke
Simon stepped out to get a paper from the boot and to smoke a cigarette .
Standing in the doorway of the library, rolling a cigarette , is a young woman.
she lit a cigarette
Marlene stubbed out her cigarette in the ashtray upon the low coffee table.
He was told by bar staff to put out the cigarette but continued smoking.
Cousin Liam and Nate were just a pair of casual guys who sat around smoking cigarettes and cracking jokes.
The gradual replacement of regular cigarettes with non-tobacco herbal cigarettes is an effective aid in tobacco detoxification.