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cigar / сигара
имя существительное
cigar, smoke, weed
имя существительное
a cylinder of tobacco rolled in tobacco leaves for smoking.
They smoke pipes, whereas Bertie Wooster and his friends smoke cigars or cigarettes.
The pleasure of dinner at the Ivy was dulled by smoke from a fat cigar .
It tasted awful, but then smoking a cigar is never as pleasant as smelling it in the air.
Not being able to smoke a nice cigar with my friends at a local pub is rather irritating.
Frost lifts a fat cigar from the ashtray, and enquires politely if I mind.
I plan on enjoying a nice glass of bourbon and a Cuban cigar while the results roll in.
They each had a glass of alcohol sitting beside them and Jamie was smoking a cigar .
The smoke from their cigars burned the inside of her nose as she quickly walked past them.
He said that no staff member works at his cigar bar unless he or she likes to smoke cigars , as well.
Some cigarette smokers, particularly men, switch to smoking cigars or pipes as a means of giving up cigarettes.
For those of us who smoke cigars , it is very tempting to have one in the mouth as you play the game.