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cig / сиг
имя существительное
a cigarette.
The night before, I had rolled myself a couple of cigs , and smoked one before going to bed.
For pretty much the entire gig he hangs one-handed off his microphone, wreathed in smoke, a smouldering cig between his fingers.
Tommy was putting on new wheels to his skateboard, and Jeff was smoking a cig .
I took a long drag of the cig before letting out a cloud of smoke.
Brigg nodded his thanks, setting his cig on the edge of a nearby ashtray and blowing on the scalding stew before taking a bite.
He tossed his cig in the ashtray and brought me in close for a kiss.
I got bored after talking to him, and watching his friend light cig after cig .
He lay the half-burnt cig across the ashtray, saving it for later.
Apparently, he has finally given up the cigs ; perhaps that's part of the reason why he has never, ever sounded better vocally.
I used to be a smoker - in fact at 60 to 80 cigs a day I think it would be correct to say I was a heavy smoker.
Now we've got laws against selling cigs to anyone under 19.