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chutzpah / наглость, дерзость
имя существительное
impudence, insolence, audacity, nerve, effrontery, chutzpah
audacity, insolence, impudence, boldness, impertinence, chutzpah
имя существительное
shameless audacity; impudence.
Please spare us any more of your bad manners, chutzpah , irony and hypocrisy!
This college has the sheer chutzpah to name their graduate school after Cambridge!
But chutzpah seems to be an indispensable part of the country's diplomatic culture.
Their courage and chutzpah turned a local story into an international media phenomenon and inspired millions of women worldwide.
The group's sheer chutzpah is so persuasive you're entertained all the way.
Ruby was so successful because she was brilliant, very hard working, and had a lot of chutzpah .
Charmed by his chutzpah and mile-wide smile, she gave him her number.
Even by the cynical standards of our dishonest political system, this is world-class chutzpah .
The author may not have much of an argument, but you've got to admit he's got chutzpah .
Her chutzpah paid off and, after the wrap party, she headed for London and started applying for jobs as a producer.
The action keeps on coming, making up for some poor digital effects with good choreography and plenty of chutzpah .