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chute / парашют, желоб, лоток
имя существительное
parachute, chute, brolly
chute, trough, gutter, channel, tray, flume
tray, pan, chute, trough, hod, run
стремительно спускаться
fall, drop, tumble, go down, sink, chute
кататься с горы
coast, chute
имя существительное
a sloping channel or slide for conveying things to a lower level.
The pill slides down the chute into a flexible tube leading to the patient's mouth.
There is a convenient drain chute at the back and all you have to do is hold a funnel under the chute to put most of the powder back in the can.
Neither his main parachute or reserve chute appear to have deployed properly after he jumped from a Cessna 182 aircraft.
Alex put his empty dishes into the chute that would send them to the ship's kitchens for cleaning, then accepted Evan's dishes and did the same with them.
I opened the escape hatch, adjusted his chute for him and placed the ripcord ring firmly in his right hand.
We've come a long way from the time when WWII airman and former President George H.W. Bush parachuted to safety from his damaged aircraft using a chute made of hemp.
A murder inquiry was launched after police discovered that the cord on his main parachute and the strapping on his reserve chute had been expertly and deliberately severed.
At about eight hundred feet, I opened my chute and sailed down.
The cheese is forced down a chute into a rotating stainless steel drum, about 80 pounds, with holes punched in it.
Andreas Orgler, an Austrian pilot, threw his chute about two kilometers from launch and landed in the trees without hurting himself.
Maya slid through the low gravity of the chute into the shuttle, then belted herself into the control seat.