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churchy / преданный церкви, елейный, ханжеский
имя прилагательное
преданный церкви
unctuous, smarmy, oily, sleek, slimy, churchy
sanctimonious, hypocritical, goody, prudish, pious, churchy
имя прилагательное
(of a person) excessively pious and consequently narrow-minded or intolerant.
I thought that life with all these churchy people and all this faith stuff was going to be dull and boring.
resembling a church.
Gothic design looks too churchy
Vicar husband Pete is the great, great grandson of Arthur - but was born into the poor, churchy side of the family.
Or am I going to simply become churchy and try to look good?
The sound quality of these CDs is excellent, though the ubiquitous churchy echo, doubtless judged atmospheric, is sometimes hard to take.
I suspect you are all well versed with the arguments, which pit us innocent wine drinkers against all those sanctimonious churchy types.
The Stams were relatively relaxed Calvinists. ‘In our house we have a faith, but it's not that we were very strict and very churchy ,’ says Stam.
Or maybe it was just another chance to make the Conservatives look silly-their churchy types predictably attacked him getting the post.
The atmosphere was once more churchy , thanks in part to a collection for funds to pay the rent.
I was in a debate with a churchy coworker of mine about the bible and sinning and all that.
Even the light of the Guggenheim is transformed, its walls blackened and its radiance dimmed to churchy darkness.
The designer actually specializes in Contemporary Sacred Art, so… if you're in the market for something more churchy , why not visit his homepage, too?