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church / церковь, храм, богослужение
имя существительное
church, chapel, kirk
temple, church, shrine, sanctuary, fane, tabernacle
worship, divine service, church service, church, chapel, ministration
имя прилагательное
church, ecclesiastical, churchly, ecclesiastic, spiritual, clerkly
spiritual, inner, ecclesiastical, moral, sacred, church
имя существительное
a building used for public Christian worship.
they came to church with me
take (a woman who has recently given birth) to church for a service of thanksgiving.
The presence of these four additional women, all with candles, alongside Mary's human spouse, suggests a connection to the churching ritual, observed by husbands and wives in fifteenth-century Arras.
John Soames is now an example of the blurring of the line between church and politics.
Separation of church and state is a bedrock principle of our public education system.
they came to church with me
the teachings of the church
She was a keen letter writer, an avid reader and biblical student, and was active in church and community.
Steve had a strong sense of community and church , serving on many boards and committees.
The greatest threat to the separation of church and state can be summed up in one name.
There is an incredible amount of good but I feel a lot of us are too comfortable in our faith and church .
they got married in the local church
some people go to church every Sunday