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chunk / кусок, ломоть, толстый кусок
имя существительное
piece, chunk, lump, bit, bite, bar
hunk, slice, chunk, hunch, slab
толстый кусок
hunk, chunk, hunch
throw, dash, chunk
launch, neglect, set off, throw, fling, chunk
имя существительное
a thick, solid piece of something.
huge chunks of masonry littered the street
divide (something) into chunks.
chunk four pounds of pears
move with or make a muffled, metallic sound.
the door chunked behind them
As expected, band practice takes up a nice, hefty chunk of their time.
Even before households decide what to do with their federal tax breaks, cash-strapped states and localities are claiming a chunk of that change.
His divorce settlement took a sizeable chunk out of his fortune.
pupils are able to chunk phrases or propositions into units
‘What they are losing is a chunk of feature material which is what makes it distinctively Scottish,’ said one experienced producer.
My soup came in a good deep bowl, with a chunk of bread.
In addition to chunking time, historians also need to chunk space, focusing on specific areas of the world as well as on specific periods.
You might also seek out funds in which the managers have invested a large chunk of their own money.
Up above her head was a big huge chunk of concrete that must have been at three tons.
fuel takes a large chunk of their small income