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chump / башка, чурбан, болван
имя существительное
chump, noggin, pate, twopenny, noddle, dome
chump, block, log, lump, chunk, billet
boob, blockhead, doodle, dummy, loggerhead, chump
gnaw, crunch, eat, chomp, scrunch, chump
имя существительное
a foolish or easily deceived person.
how can this chump be a detective?
But he made it sound like I'm just some chump who doesn't know how to play.
What's remarkable is that I had colleagues that actually characterized this chump as a ‘scientist’.
How the hell did this chump ever make it as an actor?
Sometimes I feel like a chump driving a car, especially in a big city with decent public transport.
It is an unalterable truth of presidential politics that the story line is never fixed and yesterday's chump is often tomorrow's champion.
There is a fine line between being Churchill and being a chump , and we'll let history decide who you are.
Just to make sure they knew he meant business the chump fired off a few rounds randomly to scare the shocked onlookers into submission.
Unfortunately, Charlie is an absolute chump who thinks giving asylum-seekers a lift from France is a reasonable way to make a buck.
Some people might say Herman's a chump who deserves whatever ill treatment he gets, but he is clearly the more sympathetic figure in the film.
I was left feeling a bit of a chump