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chum / приятель, друг, товарищ
имя существительное
friend, buddy, pal, mate, man, chum
friend, mate, lover, chum, sidekick, amigo
comrade, friend, companion, fellow, mate, chum
закадычный друг
bosom friend, crony, chum, cater-cousin
нарезанная рыба
быть в дружбе
жить вместе в одной комнате
имя существительное
a close friend.
You thought he was your friend, your pal, your chum .
chopped fish, fish fluids, and other material thrown overboard as angling bait.
Their bland prettiness makes them more enticing as shark chum than as characters, but then a funny thing happens once they're at sea.
a large North Pacific salmon that is commercially important as a food fish.
Some of the species that enter freshwater to spawn are western brook lamprey, pacific lamprey, river lamprey, green sturgeon, white sturgeon, pink salmon, chum salmon , coho salmon, and sockeye salmon.
be friendly to or form a friendship with someone.
they started chumming around in high school
use chum as bait when fishing.
What has struck a nerve with some scientists, says Gruber, is that the Florida ban ‘allows spear fishing and chumming in order to kill sharks, but not diving to learn about sharks.’
it's your own fault, chum
Playmate, friend and confidant, his alien chum is a compensation for the lonely hurt of an absent father and a shrill mother failing to cope with life as a single parent.
Imagine the chum trail as being a widening angle projected from the boat and getting deeper the further it travels.
Luckily, she found employment at a bank through her friend Saira who had been her college chum .
There's nothing better than being called friend, mate, pal, chum , buddy - it makes for a brighter day and a smiley face.
I think you are too bossy, chum .
Several weeks into the unadulterated joy that is a house extension, my chum is now something of an expert on workmen and their ways.
Haven't you been listening at all, chum ?
the anglers anchored down and put out their blood chum
Almost all of the sharks we fish for are listed in the book, and even if you're no longer allowed to chop up the odd pilot-whale or two for chum , you'll still find something of value and fascination here.