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chuck / зажимной патрон, цыпленок, цыпочка
имя существительное
зажимной патрон
chuck, vice, vise
chick, chicken, chuck, spring chicken, poult, peeper
chick, chuck
ласково похлопывать
cluck, cackle, chuckle, clack, chuck, keckle
скликать домашнюю птицу
имя существительное
a playful touch under the chin.
But let's be clear there - a chuck under the chin is quite sufficient to convince me that affection can last the distance.
a device for holding a workpiece in a lathe or a tool in a drill, typically having three or four jaws that move radially in and out.
One of the challenges of crank grinding relates to clamping the workpiece in the chuck so that the crank pin can be cylindrically ground.
a cut of beef that extends from the neck to the ribs, typically used for stewing.
Shred about 10 ounces cooked beef brisket or chuck .
food or provisions.
Moving to America, one finds that the category of food known as chuck to cowboys is rich in examples of one-pot dishes.
throw (something) carelessly or casually.
someone chucked a brick through the window
touch (someone) playfully or gently under the chin.
‘You won't go short!’ she says to her son in baby talk, chucking him under the chin.
But the real test of athletic prowess comes with the mobile phone throwing competition, where contestants attempt to chuck the handsets as far as possible from a standing start.
Of course, any little kid walking past loves him and Mum or Dad feels obliged to chuck a few coins in his hat.
Some friends are obviously more fun than others, but I think it would be too hurtful simply to chuck her now.
She chose that moment to chuck him under the chin, laughter lighting her eyes.
Other keyless devices consist of rotating knobs (similar to a chuck on a drill) on the slide mechanism.
His girlfriend (Grace Kelly at her most beautiful) worries that he has turned into a voyeur, and when he tells her he thinks one of the neighbours has been murdered, she's ready to chuck him.
‘Can I help you at all, chuck?’
The base of the carbon mandrel is placed in the chuck of an electric drill.
Most new 3/8 " drills already come with a keyless chuck .
What his pals had been saying about her had been getting to him, so he'd decided to chuck her.