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chub / голавль
имя существительное
имя существительное
a thick-bodied European river fish with a gray-green back and white underparts, popular with anglers.
Nine thousand young stickleback, roach, dace, chub and eels died along an 11 km stretch of the beck.
The average size of the chub and dace is fairly small in the Darwen itself, but there are plenty of them.
Other species caught included a handful of pike up to about five pounds in weight and a single chub , plus minnows and bullheads too numerous to count.
The fish might be bigger down South, but a chub is a chub , whatever the river.
Good chub and barbel being caught from various stretches of the river.
The Butterfly Pond is producing good mixed bags with roach, rudd, chub and perch all being caught.
After a long dry spring spawning was completed early by most river fish and bream, barbel and chub should all be fighting fit.
Fish of this size have been caught by anglers targeting the chub and also by anglers fishing for the sea trout.
The asp is also a much more aggressive fish than the chub .
Several other attempts with various paste baits that had all worked well for river chub all failed as carp took the bait in every case.
Most species of river fish will be surveyed including trout, grayling, dace, barbel, chub and pike.