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chrysanthemum / хризантема
имя существительное
chrysanthemum, golden-daisy
имя существительное
a popular plant of the daisy family, having brightly colored ornamental flowers and existing in many cultivated varieties.
The corporation parks department created displays of autumn flowers, including chrysanthemums , Michaelmas daisies, geraniums, salvias and primuli.
Many flowers are edible, the most common culinary varieties being calendula, chrysanthemum , daylily, nasturtium, pansy, violet and zucchini.
New chrysanthemum cuttings will produce 2.5-centimetre roots in 10 to 12 days when they are then ready to be planted out in growing beds.
In this study a mathematical description has been developed for both hydraulic conductivity and conduit length distribution as functions of height in a chrysanthemum stem.
Growing commercial cut flowers like rose, chrysanthemum , anthurium and orchids under protected cultivation especially in greenhouses/poly houses or shade nets is a viable profession for farmers and commercial entrepreneurs.
The centre was filled with very bright pink chrysanthemums , silver sisal was placed among the flowers to give it a misty appearance.
Flowers were also very scarce, narcissus and chrysanthemums being the chief varieties at twopence and threepence per bunch.
You no doubt have heard of cloth houses being used to grow many plants commercially, in particular chrysanthemums , asters, snapdragons, and occasionally roses.
Stake and support dahlias, gladioli, chrysanthemums and other top-heavy border plants.
Choose perennials and bulbs that are quick to form intricate root systems, such as chrysanthemums , violets, daffodils and creeping phlox.
Keep asters and chrysanthemums more compact by pinching a couple of inches off their growing tips when they reach 12 inches tall in spring and again in mid-summer.