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chrysalis / куколка, кокон, хризалида
имя существительное
doll, pupa, chrysalis, dolly, nymph, popsy
cocoon, pod, chrysalis, pupal chamber, follicle, case-worm
имя существительное
a quiescent insect pupa, especially of a butterfly or moth.
Don't tidy up too much in the fall; whether a butterfly overwinters as egg, caterpillar, chrysalis or adult, it needs a place to hibernate during the cold months.
It was as though the dance had not yet fully emerged from a too-cool chrysalis .
Nijhout showed that before the caterpillar retires into its chrysalis to transform into a butterfly, the position of the spots on the future wings has been established.
Already, the gross excrescence that is slowly emerging from its chrysalis is provoking horror among local residents, as its impact on a once gracious townscape becomes evident.
Milkweed, in its many varieties, serves as the sole host plant for the monarch's life cycle, from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis .
the splitting of the chrysalis and the slow unfolding of the wings
The effect is that of a chrysalis in a cocoon struggling to get free and, at points, of a body emerging from its death shroud.
Alice reminds the Caterpillar that it will be strange when he changes to a chrysalis and then into a butterfly, but the Caterpillar disagrees.
The leaves are high in vitamins A and C, preparing the caterpillars for the chrysalis .
Metaphysics bursts the chrysalis of metaphor.
A determined butterfly struggled for release from its chrysalis as raindrops fell, tearing holes in its unfolding wings.