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chronology / хронология, летосчисление, хронологическая таблица
имя существительное
хронологическая таблица
имя существительное
the arrangement of events or dates in the order of their occurrence.
the novel abandons the conventions of normal chronology
his book transformed prehistoric chronology by applying the results of carbon dating
It contains a wonderful chronology and a complete bibliography, and it is fun to read.
All his novels take liberties with actual historical events and chronology but ‘the wider epoch is basically recorded in the spirit of the times and in the mood generally’.
Those letters need to be looked at in the context of the particular chronology of events.
It is in fact exceedingly hard to establish the chronology of these developments in rulership and government.
Similar developments in European politics owed much to a broadly shared chronology caused by events on a continental or global scale.
Perhaps if I can hand up to your Honour a chronology that I prepared in the matter and also an amended draft order nisi.
To its followers, heritage offered a free ticket into a past liberated from the schoolmasterly disciplines of chronology , narrative, and moral judgment.
A chronology of major events (broken down by year, and not further by month or date) and a subject guide follow the introduction.
The chronology of events leading up to the trial is important.