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chronograph / хронограф
имя существительное
имя существительное
an instrument for recording time with great accuracy.
Sometimes they were called chronographs but, since this implied a written record of the time, the term was not correct.
For example, the Datalink comes with a chronograph , countdown timer, interval timer, multiple alarms and even a notepad.
a precision water-resistant chronograph
A chronograph , a countdown timer and dual-time zone readings flesh out its functions.
The chronograph printed out boringly similar speeds.
The company markets five ranges of precision time pieces including chronographs with more than 31 individual models available.
You therefore get strange devices like automatic watch winders (more, more), the humidors of the chronographic world.
The company has been providing high-quality timers and chronographs for well over two decades.
An overly technical chronographic watch rests upon one oversized wrist.
Reflected LED lighting gives the tail-lights an even red glow and defines the chiselled, chronographic shapes of the instruments.
With the advent of affordable and reliable chronographs , the cumbersome ballistic pendulum was relegated to the scrap heap of history.