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chronicle / хроника, летопись
имя существительное
chronicle, newsreel, memorial
chronicle, record, memorial, fasti
вести хронику
note, mark, notice, register, flag, chronicle
skid, enter, bring, sideslip, put down, chronicle
имя существительное
a factual written account of important or historical events in the order of their occurrence.
Sources of historical data include ancient inscriptions, annals, chronicles , governmental and private estate records, maritime and commercial records, personal papers, and scientific writings.
record (a related series of events) in a factual and detailed way.
his work chronicles 20th-century displacement and migration
Harvey describes his book as a chronicle of the ‘rise and fall of the Church of Man’.
Nevertheless, the book is excellent as a chronicle of events.
a chronicle of his life during the war years
For Novo, an urban chronicle must represent the city in its entirety and must include previously taboo and transgressive urban activities and spaces.
He also wrote the Historia Anglorum, a chronicle from 1066 to 1253, and two shorter histories, the Abbreviatio chronicorum and the Flores historiarum.
TV Gallery was not a chronicle of events in the visual field, though it tried to recognize, present and analyze the most contemporary and topical processes in art.
It is true that war reporting has speeded up since AD 106, the year that Trajan commissioned the column offering a picture chronicle of his Romanian campaign.
Coogan wants his book to be a chronicle of remarkable success.
In my own defence I can only say that if, as Disraeli said, the best way to learn history is by reading biographies then the best obituaries are magnificent potted histories - a fabulous chronicle of the century just closed.
Her book is a compelling chronicle of her struggles immediately following the accident, throughout the acute recovery phase, and into the early stages of rehabilitation.