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christen / крестить, давать имя при крещении, давать имя
baptize, christen
давать имя при крещении
давать имя
name, christen, baptize, call, godfather
давать прозвище
nickname, surname, christen, dub
в первый раз пользоваться
give (a baby) a Christian name at baptism as a sign of admission to a Christian Church.
their second daughter was christened Jeanette
She had twice asked a vicar to christen the baby.
let's get steaks and christen the new grill
Since I have not been able to find a definite name for the gambit, I will temporarily christen it the ‘Kevitz Gambit,’ secure in the knowledge that if this is a blunder my readers will quickly set me straight.
This spring water was used in the font in the church to christen babies.
She loved Abba's recording of Fernando and decided to christen her favourite waiter with this name.
Early in this miserable stretch, I christened him the Arsonist, and the name stuck among my friends.
Indeed, Fr. Harry's ability to show-up almost anywhere led to some friends christening him as the ‘Holy Spirit’ which he enjoyed no end!
Casey christened her the Pink Panther, and the name has stuck.
The baby was christened in the Holy Family Church and will be called Niamh Mary.
They christened him Il Gigante Buono, literally the Good Giant, but more correctly the Gentle Giant - he was never even cautioned during his 20-year pro career.