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chowder / густая похлебка
имя существительное
густая похлебка
имя существительное
a rich soup typically containing fish, clams, or corn with potatoes and onions.
clam chowder
The meat is also dark, so does not suit a New England-style clam chowder , which is white, as well as it does the Manhattan version, which is not.
About the only traces that remained of his short occupancy were two jars of leftover fish chowder he'd prepared for friends a couple of weeks earlier, then stuck in the freezer.
I had the rich creamy seafood chowder with white fish, salmon chunks, slivers of green leeks, dots of carrot and a breath of lovage's celery essence.
You'll find some rather unsettling accounts of what can go wrong in a restaurant kitchen and why you should never assume that there are actually clams in your clam chowder .
To serve, spoon some clam chowder into the center of a soup bowl, arrange some salad in the center, and place a bass fillet on top.
clam chowder
We had an appetizer of Italian salad and clam chowder soup.
No matter where you go, if they serve clam chowder , it is described as ‘award winning.’
The clam and mussel chowder scored five out five with my husband.
We wandered down Cannery Row and sat at the quayside eating clam chowder from bread bowls.