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chorus / хор, припев, рефрен
имя существительное
choir, chorus, music
chorus, refrain, burden, bob, tag, burthen
refrain, chorus, burden, burthen, repetend, undersong
петь всем хором
повторять всем хором
имя существительное
a large organized group of singers, especially one that performs together with an orchestra or opera company.
The singers, choruses and orchestras that Britten conducts are among the finest that were ever recorded with a veritable array of British talent that one only dreams of assembling.
(in ancient Greek tragedy) a group of performers who comment on the main action, typically speaking and moving together.
In Greek tragedy the chorus commented on the action, but in Feathers of Peace there is no commentator giving moral comment.
(of a group of people) say the same thing at the same time.
they chorused a noisy amen
Marty puts her on stage, all right - as a chorus dancer.
the orchestra lacked polish and the chorus were inclined to rush ahead regardless
It was a truly great performance from the former student who once filled the ranks of the chorus in a musical put on in the local school.
Those on stage were excellent, from Carney and Brennan in the lead roles, to the chorus line of servants in the upper-crust Lord household.
“Good morning,” we replied in chorus
From 1786, they presented an oratorio each year, either at Lent or Christmas, for which the chorus and orchestra of the court were engaged.
Bright, colourful and entertaining with an excellent cast, chorus and dancers and the Sunbeams are, as always delightful and almost steal the show.
The orchestra, soloists and chorus certainly earned those cheers.
In addition, Wagner is also quite explicit in describing his eloquent orchestra as having a role, in its commentary on the action, as equivalent to that of the chorus in Greek drama.
They were hatcheck and cigarette girls, dancers in chorus lines, singers with small bands and combos, and glamorous frequenters of night spots.