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chortle / хихиканье, сдавленный смех, ликование
имя существительное
giggle, chuckle, sniggering, snicker, titter, chortle
сдавленный смех
glee, jubilation, exultation, jubilance, chortle, exultance
laugh, chortle, ha, ha-ha
giggle, chuckle, snicker, twitter, snigger, chortle
громко ликовать
имя существительное
a breathy, gleeful laugh.
Thomas gave a chortle
laugh in a breathy, gleeful way; chuckle.
he chortled at his own pun
Thomas gave a chortle
Thomas gave a chortle
‘My time frame would be by tomorrow,’ he says with a chortle , admitting his executives tell him it'll take a little longer.
The moments when the camera zooms in on Max's conniving face usually sparked a chortle of laughter from my son.
He has also got a shrewd sense of humour, revealed by a hooded look of bored apprehension if the talk meanders into polite inanity, and by an appreciative chortle when it goes the other way, somewhere interesting.
A laugh in the theatre is deeper and more satisfying than a chortle alone in front of the television.
It started as a mild chuckle, elevated itself to a chortle , then blossomed into the longest, loudest, most cathartic hilarity he had ever experienced.
No chortle , no chuckle, not even a quarter of a guffaw.
The chortle , though, quickly turned into a loud laugh as the words replayed in her mind and she figured out what they meant.
When I started talking to the walls, I decided I wanted to do something else,’ she says with a chortle .